We  PNN company, specialize on the development of software and applications for various industries. Here we represent our software solutions.

  Solutions Various Industries!

  Applications for iPhone, Android,
  Windows Phone, BlackBerry

Simple, Comfortable, Fast!

Usefull and effective software solutions for
   car driversHR managers, banks
Bright and creative solutions for
   education and testing for kids and adalts
Simple and useful applications
  for sportsmen and to monitor one's health
Mobile Applications for smartphones and tablets based on
   iPad, iPhone (iOS), Android & Windows Mobile etc.
Download by one click from Google Play
   and AppleStore
Test free version before paing for the
   PRO version
User friendly and comprehensive interface of solutions.
   Anyone can work with our software applications!
Timely and qualified support.
   Fail to upload or set up the app? 
   – We are ready to help!
Our solutions are aimed to make your ordinary
   tasks and routine more easy!


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